Introducing the #1 WordPress Scorecard Plugin

A powerful marketing and communications tool

Do you find it difficult to generate quality leads? Do you find it hard to convert existing leads?
The WordPress Scorecard Plugin is a proven tool to turn your traffic into leads, subscribers and sales.

How does IT work?

Generate more leads, subscribers and sales. All it takes is 3 simple steps…

Step 1:
Create a Scorecard

Create a Scorecard that allows users to test their score in your line of business/industry.

Step 2:
Promote your Scorecard

Promote your Scorecard on Social Media via ads or word of mouth. Adjust ad spend to the desired reach.

Step 3:
Receive Quality Leads

As users take your Scorecard, you receive quality leads via e-mail or your favorite CRM. Talk to leads knowing their main issues in achieving a higher score!

Scorecard examples

Organisational Mastery

A Scorecard to evaluate your organisational skills

Riverhead Dental

A Scorecard to evaluate your "dental fitness"

Minimal Setup, Impressive Results

The WordPress Scorecard Plugin is a powerful conversion optimization tool. Smart Marketers and Business owners love WordPress Scorecard Plugin and you will too!

Increase lead capture ability by 500% or more!

Galata increases the lead capture of your website by a huge factor.

great for b2b sales

Don’t expect sales to happen automatically. Even Google needs sales people. Phone your top scored prospects and offer insights and market data.

data Rich leads

No more just name and e-mail. You will get a full profile of educated qualified leads.

saved to the cloud

Never loose access to your data.

create your scorecard

We’re committed to offering the plugin at a fair price. At the moment we are offering a one-time fee (no subscription) but this will change in the future so be sure to grab the opportunity.

Want to see how it works?

Our team is here to help! Schedule a demo with us, to get in touch.

Customers reviews

What our Clients say

The Scorecard was a key part in automating the cycle of generating and scoring our leads.
Luís Gonçalves
CEO , Evolution4all
The Scorecard helped us make our clients more aware of their health needs and they seek our services more often.
Patricia Szymczak
Founder , Riverhead dental

Frequently asked questions

The WordPress Scorecard Plugin is our own platform that has been developed and designed to help your business generate good, qualified, educated leads. You plug in your categories, questions and branding and you get a brand new scorecard straight out of the box.

We’re committed to offering a one-time fee (no subscription) at a fair price. Contact us to learn more.

Interested? Increase the lead capture abilities of your website.

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