Project Description

UniPlaces is a student portal, with partnerships with the leading universities to supply accommodation to their students in major Cities like Lisbon, London, Madrid etc. WidgiLabs had the opportunity to develop their first MVP which than led to the service UniPlaces have today. This is a type of project with love to contribute. Building an online service starting from an MVP to prove the concept and gather clients.

Client UniPlaces
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Project Details

House Listing

Users could search for an apartment or publish their houses for renting. The goal was to find students the best accommodation possible taking into account the university they were studying. Search was not only based on city, number of rooms or price but also considering the distance between the apartment and the university.


The Design needed to be clean and friendly since the target were mainly young fellows. Usability was taken extremely serious. Both process of adding a listing or searching an apartment needed to be user friendly and straight forward. See More Work

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