Imagine Youtube but with Travel Videos. Delivered by the most talented filmmakers, passionate travellers and finest travel brands in the world.

Client: Travideo

Services: Digital Strategy, Project Management, Web Development, Load and Performance Testing, Entry into Production

Category: Startups

Travideo brand


The client wanted a speedy go-to-market and needed all hands on deck. We were brought in as the development partner to make sure it was possible.

The client had already done some investment on the website. We had to reaffirm the purpose and state what it would take to get there. We couldn’t compromise or settle for less, simply because they had already invested. It would be worse if they invest some more and keep the same problems. We established our terms and what it would take for us to deliver. Because that is what you’re signing up for when we say yes.



Working along side the talented Plugit design team we were in route for an adventure. A travel adventure.


Every screen had it’s own detail to delight and surprise the user. At every corner we embraced our client’s domain expertise and contributed with our own ideas only after understanding the strategic goals at stake.

Brand colors were expertly choosen to arrive at a premium positioning.

Color palette




Primary font - Futura Std


We were very happy with the result and after initial testing we continued to improve upon the experience. One of the signs you're doing things right is when you end up using the client's website to find inspiration for your own travels!


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we are sure a video is worth plenty more. To make sure we deliver the best travel-by-video experience possible on mobile, we kept iterating until we, the client and travellers, were happy with the result.

& Solution

The client arrived at us with a clear vision: travelling is so much more than just moving from A to B: it is a lifestyle and an opportunity to broaden our horizons by stepping out of our comfort zones. He wanted to encourage people to not only consider more established destinations when they plan their travels but also take the road less travelled and discover new, exciting places.

The solution was to deliver on our promise and create a platform that allows travellers to see amazing destinations they otherwise wouldn’t have known existed, or felt compelled to visit. We thus made our contribution, not only to our client’s business but to a more equal, sustainable world, where the positive impact of tourism and its benefits can reach further away.

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