Website and integration with mobile apps to power the famous Forbes magazine.

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Client: Forbes Portugal

Services: Web development

Category: Digital Media

forbes/Logo Forbes sobre fundo com revistas


We were thrilled to have been invited to design & implement the website of the Portuguese edition of the Forbes magazine, as you can imagine. One of the challenges we had was to integrate with iTunes to validade purchases of the magazine via the iOS mobile app.




Working along side the talented Plugit design team.


We structured the content in a way to make it easy for the editors to feature articles on the homepage without stealing attention away from the magazine. We also provided a way to the editor to update content easily and let the user choose what type of news he wants to read.

Something we automatically associate with Forbes is rankings, leaders and other personalities. We wanted to maintain that same feeling and entertain a premium environment.

Color palette

One of the decisions that came from brainstorming with the different stakeholders, was having a different background color for each edition, matching the magazine.

Primary font - Nexa


The content is organized into rankings, opinions, leaders, business, financial and lifestyle. With each edition we feature different articles on the homepage header and allow the client to manage multiple ad spots.


Most of Forbes readers will be on the go so the mobile experience was a priority. We aimed to create something fast and simple that users could consume at their convenience.

& Solution

Create something unique that stands together with Forbes' global brand.

Use design elements that we associate with Forbes and content elements that match what we as readers are expecting Forbes to cover.


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