ECO is a portuguese online financial newspaper, with millions of monthly pageviews.

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Client: ECO - Economia Online

Services: Digital Strategy, Project Management, Web Development, Load and Performance Testing, Entry into Production, On-boarding Newsroom

Category: Digital Media

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The way and frequency which users interact with online publications is changing. Nowadays publications aim to better serve their readers with more interactivity, more forms of presentation and different types of articles. Innovation is not only in the way users consume, but also how content creators create and relate that content. This is where our contribution for ECO stands out. We focused on newsroom productivity by augmenting the WordPress admin with tools that streamline both the internal process of creating, editing and sharing content as well as the relationship of readers with these contents.



Crafting a brand to become a benchmark in the market.


Working along-side with the talented designer Rafael Matos.

Color palette





Primary font - Fira Sans


We implemented each screen to pixel perfection and made it alive. We worried about small screens and big screens. We tested every interaction and dedicated over 400h+ until we were happy with the result.


As native mobile users we were keen to get this one right. Every scroll needed to be smooth and the responsiveness to just be make sense in terms of screen real-estate.

& Solution

The problem was as follows: how could we, as a small agency, deliver an exciting Web & mobile platform, create a powerful intuitive experience and arrive at the market with a product that was different and engaging.

Our solution started with assembling the right team. We expanded our core Web team and partnered with the best people we knew for the other components.

To learn more watch the presentation "Caso de Estudo nos Media em Portugal: ECO.pt (Economia On-line)", that was presented at WordCamp Porto.


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