Agenda Cultural de Lisboa

The official Lisbon city cultural guide, brought to you by the city council.

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Client: Lisbon City Council (CML)

Services: Web Development, API development

Category: Bringing Design to Life

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The project had several strategic goals from the start: revamp the visual identity, migrate to WordPress, allow for efficient event management, provide an excellent user experience and build an open-data API.

We were approached by Silvadesigners, an expert design firm, that was looking for a trusted development partner.

Agenda LX


We went back to old maxims like "less is more" and "form follows function".


For a website that generates a ton of information on a daily basis, many decisions were driven by User-Experience and speed. The homepage was designed in a way that the city council can easily insert different featured content, articles and events. The rest of the website is a big event engine with powerful filters built-in.

All of the User Interface suggest a magazine style. Strong and short titles for the events and a more calm and relaxed approach for the articles.

Color palette





Primary font - League Gothic, Playfair Display


Being an event-centered website, one of our main concerns were to allow powerful filtering combined with date and location search.
In terms of performance, searching for an event had to be lightning fast and the results to be 100% accurate. These reasons led us to a ReactJS powered user interface.


Users interact with events and articles through a seamless mobile experience. When users engage with an event, they see the event details without a full page reload.


The website provides a simple API to obtain a list of the events. This allows developers to create new applications that use and share this data.

In the future we aim to extend the API to allow geolocation, more filtering and perhaps even ticketing.

To learn more download our full case study..


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