P2 is a remote work tool that is central to WidgiLabs as it allows asynchronous communication and has multiple advantages over other common communication channels such as e-mail, messaging tools (Teams, Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, etc).

When working with us, a P2 will be created for your project so that you can “follow” the development and access all the project information, namely:

After the P2 is created you will receive an invitation to access it. At WidgiLabs all on-going client projects have an associated P2.

P2 is the main communication channel we have with clients (freeing everyone’s inbox *). P2 generates an email notification (that can be deleted once viewed) every time new content is published.

We believe the benefits of P2 will be visible in no time and that your project will benefit from this tool and this work methodology.


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