P2 Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for WidgiLabs P2 / Project Portal:

  1. Collaboration and Respect

1.1. Foster a collaborative and respectful environment among all project team members on the portal.

1.2. Treat all team members with courtesy, consideration, and professionalism, regardless of their hierarchical position or role.

1.3. Be open to different perspectives and ideas, valuing the diversity of opinions and experiences.

  1. Effective Communication

2.1. Communicate clearly, objectively, and respectfully, avoiding offensive language, sarcasm, or aggressive communication.

2.2. Listen attentively to the opinions of other team members, seeking to understand their contributions and viewpoints.

2.3. Respond promptly to messages, requests, or questions from team members, maintaining efficient and transparent communication.

  1. Confidentiality and Information Protection

3.1. Maintain the confidentiality of sensitive and strategic information shared on the project team portal.

3.2. Do not share confidential information with unauthorized individuals or outside of the project team unless strictly necessary and authorized.

3.3. Respect and adhere to information security and data privacy policies established by the organization.

  1. Professional Ethics

4.1. Act in accordance with the highest ethical standards, following the policies and guidelines set forth by the organization.

4.2. Avoid conflicts of interest and make decisions based on the best interests of the project and the organization as a whole.

4.3. Do not engage in unethical practices such as data manipulation, plagiarism, corruption, or any other form of unethical behavior.

  1. Conflict Resolution

5.1. Address conflicts in a constructive and respectful manner, seeking solutions that promote collaboration and teamwork.

5.2. If necessary, involve project management stakeholders to assist in resolving more complex conflicts.

5.3. Avoid personal confrontations or heated arguments on the team portal, keeping the focus on finding solutions and progressing the project.

This code of conduct aims to promote a healthy, collaborative, and productive work environment on P2 / the project portal. All members should adhere to these guidelines and behave in accordance with the established principles.

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