How do retainers work?

For clients that have on-going needs we find that a retainer works best. In such cases we book a fixed number of hours every month for the client. These hours do not accumulate from one month to the next one. The benefit for the client is having us ready to engage every month rather than being subject to availability, budgeting and resources which may not be available otherwise.

How do we manage closed scope projects?

In a closed scope (fixed price) project we identify before-hand all the requirements needed, write up specifications and then get to work. This is a difficult and time-consuming process that is billed by the hour.

How do Agile projects work?

Instead of demanding a complete specification document before-hand we estimate the project based on a number of “flexible” Sprints and account from the beginning that there will be a number of changes required by both the client and the project that we will need to accommodate. During the project both the client and the team are invited to come up with ideas on how the product can be improved.

How is it like to work with WidgiLabs?

Effective communication is the foundation of any successful project. As soon as we start working together a private blog is created where all collaboration takes place and where the project is documented for future reference. This has the extra benefit of freeing your email inbox.

Meeting in person

Currently due to COVID-19 all meetings are online via web conferencing software.

Dealing with an urgency

We acknowledge that from time to time issues may arise that require urgent attention. Here is the path to alert us to urgent issues and escalate them when necessary.
1. If it’s a code related issue raise a ticket via widgilabs.freshdesk.com;
2. write on the project private blog;
3. contact the Project Manager;
4. if the Project Manager is unavailable contact the Account Manager.
Contacts details for the above will be given upon signing the contract.

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Start a Project

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