Are you looking for someone ASAP to help you fix your WordPress site hacked? We can help you.

Sometimes due to lack of maintenance WordPress websites can be subjected to attacks.

Your WordPress site might be targeted in a number of ways. Impact? Your site may be brought down, your data corrupted, flagged as malware, etc. – and that’s not good! We’ve been helping a number of friends and clients that got their WordPress site hacked and we believe we can stop those Neanderthals!

The first step is not to panic and to enter in contact with us.

If you don’t hire us at least read the FAQ My site was hacked.

Every hour, every minute of every day sees websites around the globe being attacked with malicious intent. It’s an endemic problem that every web shop CEO will be aware of and no doubt, stringent efforts will be made to either prevent, or at least, mitigate against those risks.  

Phishing is one of the more commonly used attack methods and is a type of social engineering. It refers to methods used by attackers to trick victims — typically via email, text, or phone — into providing private information such as passwords, account numbers, social security numbers and any amount of identifiable information. Malware and ransomware infects a website and worryingly, most website owners typically won’t notice. This is because attackers normally infect the website and install tools to allow them to further continue to exploit it in some way, for example, to send spam or insert spam links to fake merchant sites that cleverly impersonate the original, thus fooling consumers to part with their valuable financial information.

Website owners are normally warned by their hosting companies after the malware has been detected and that results in it being taken down to prevent further damage. Downtime is expensive for any website, especially webshops.