We recently launched a WordPress plugin called wp-unit, aimed at unit testing for WordPress related projects. You probably won’t be using this unless you’re a developer but anyway here’s an explanation of what’s it all about.

WordPress itself does automated testing but many projects around it don’t. These are projects in the form of plugins for example that are huge and complicated and it’s hard to keep the quality up when there is so much going on.

With wp-unit all you need to do is install the plugin into your WordPress installation and you immediately get access to a set of dummy tests and an admin interface to run the test suit. It has phpunit bundled so you have full flexibility to write and run tests like the ones that exist for WordPress. Here’s how it looks after you run a couple of tests:

There are obviously scenarios where you don’t want to invest time in unit testing and that is when for example your software project is too small. If that’s the case, or if you’re not into unit testing for some reason, then our advise is to be extremely careful in coding and keep the code size small so you continue to understand it.