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Why Narrative is Key to Customer Engagement

This is another brilliant article by Kissmetrics about how the capture the attention of users in the crowded competitive global market.


Design Survival

Richard Baird curated advice for new and aspiring designers, very impressive the overall quality of the content.


 The Art of Color Coordination

We’ve been using this infographic as a reference for the projects we work on.


KIKK 2013

  KIKK looks like a promising conference happening in November in Belgium. According to the website: “It is an international festival of creativity in digital cultures that explores the economic and artistic implications of new technologies. It’s a mix of technology, visual arts, music, architecture, design and interactive media. The program includes conferences, workshops, an exhibition with digital art & prototypes, a creative contest and a party with live performances.


Questions We Ask When Reviewing a Design

This is a classic but worth mentioning in case you haven’t perused it yet.


Versailles 3D

Another classic is this one. The Google and Versailles teams have worked together for over a year on the Palace History Gallery opening, developing digital assets to make an interactive extravaganza. Discover the history of the Palace through 3D models in Google Earth plus educational videos, interactive games for kids, and a beautiful Chrome Experiment “Chaos to Perfection” with soundtrack by Phoenix.