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After realizing inside WidgiLabs we read a lot of articles and sites on the web and usually share it between us, we thought it was a good idea to share it with the rest of the world too. So this will be a gathering of the best posts, products and websites from the past week that we saw and think are interesting, they can go from science to arts, so enjoy!

Seperia is a Digital Marketing Company from Israel. They have clients such as, Banc de Binary or Easy Forex. Their website is a good example of a distinct digital presence.

Want to see a smart and fun way to gather thoughts, ideas, photos and moments on your company? We started using Somewhere this week and well…  just have a look!

The newly released site of the University of Coimbra involves us in a experience of other kind. The website was made by a portuguese digital agency called Burocratik and has won the awwward of Site of the day.

The inovation in technology is leading us to a smart and simpler to use any tool. What the inventor Steve Hollinger proposes is a ball that can capture image in a 360º panorama. Check out Squito.

Do you impress is a service that creates fascinating websites for startups in a deadline of 2 weeks. See how it works and start to impress.

Data visualization design is becoming more and more powerful these days. The infographic has a power and a reach that the plain text can’t achieve sometimes. Weathertron uses the weather data in a new that’s more useful for every user.

A company nowadays isn’t just a group of people that go to work together and when it’s over get back home. A good company now is a group of people that create a synergy that is different from everybody else, is looking at the group as whole and not as indivuduals.

When we create a product there’s an enormous number of choices that we have to face, what if with the help of users you could get to the solutions more quickly and effectively?

Have you ever thought about how Google search works?

Well, see you next week!