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Mirror City Timelapse

No wonder Vimeo choose this one as Staff Pick of the week. It’s a beautiful video that uses Timelapse photography in an abstract direction. Some of the frames gave me the feeling I was watching a futuristic scene from a Sci-Fi movie. Very psicadelic.

Another Twitter concept

This time by Fred Nerby. Besides being an exceptional approach to what Twitter’s design could be it is also a perfect example of how video is an extremely powerful way of selling a new approach to a client. I mean can you imagine a client’s reaction to such a powerful representation and visual story of his brand?

Never let your grids break ever again!

For those with problems with fluid grids, this post proposes a solution to the rounding errors that browsers introduce when converting percentage values to pixel values.


CSS Sourcemaps

Already using a css pre-processor? Wishing that you could make css changes on the fly in the browser inspector? The answer is here.


It’s not to say Android sucks..

A visual representation of the data on Android fragmentation. It clearly shows what Android biggest problem is: the insane amount of different devices, all with different feature-sets and resolutions, from different device makers, with different versions of the operating system…a mess. It’s not to say Android sucks but instead face the challenges that the community faces in bringing Android to the masses.


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