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Getting the attention of users in this crowded market isn’t easy. Every business needs to rethink their on-line presence and make it more dynamic, more social, dealing with mobile applications and at the end of the day interesting for all of us. One of the best examples of how this can be accomplished we’ve seen this year has been the “Oreo Daily Twist” campaign:

These days we have been seeing more and more designers proposing in the open a redesign of the iPhone and this one is stunning:


Always comes in hand to have a resource like this:


Know whats inspires one of the most sucessful man like Richard Branson:


Meet Hal Lasko, the 97 year old pixel painter!

The HubSpot “Culture Code” is a wonderful manifesto on how to create a great company where people love working:

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.19.09 AM

Can’t remember when the Internet was a weird thing? Well… this may help you!


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