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Pricing is hard. At least for me. If you price your services too low you’re leaving money on the table, if you price too high you risk losing clients.

Determining how much a website will cost is one of the most frequently asked questions in the web design world. Even now, with millions of websites online, there isn’t a magic formula to calculate either the cost of a new web site or the cost of a redesign.

Why not? Like other goods and services, the costs associated with designing, developing, and building a website have changed over time. A website’s value is drastically different in 2017 than it was even a couple of years ago.

Cost vs Investment Mindset

You’ve probably heard about this before… and I’ve witness it several times now. Some clients have what we call a “cost mindset”, they see the website, the design and the programming as a needed cost for their business. They aren’t very sure about what they want and they are not very excited about the cost because they are looking to spend as little as possible.

The best clients will look at their digital presence as an investment and a way to attract more business. They’ve done their homework (they know what they want) and they have a budget and a target ROI. They take advantage of the bidding process and turn suppliers against themselves in order for them to come up with the most advantageous proposal. It’s not personal, it’s just business.

Small story:

During a training I meet this guy that was an entrepreneur for 8+ years. I asked: “how is the business going?”

He said: “This year we’re doing great. Last year we were on-boarding 1–2 new clients each month and had a sales team of 3 people. Now we’re on-boarding 1–2 clients each week and have no sales team!”

The truth is when compared to the cost of employees, a website is cheap. An investment in a website can allow a team of 5 to do the job of 8 people who don’t have a good website.

And investing on a website that impresses your clients is relatively cheap when comparing to having a sales team.

Pricing, for us, depends first of all on the result you want to achieve with your project and the scope of work to be completed. So the bigger, more complex the project, the more it will cost to complete.

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