Originally posted in an internal team Wiki where we worked.

Above all, the goal of our team is to provide the best possible service to the users. This team is one of the most highly regarded and most respected support teams in the community, with a reputation of being helpful, efficient and knowledgable. This is mainly due to the overriding attitude governing the way the team works. There is a genuine desire to provide the best level of support possible, and not the minimum that can be gotten away with.

Each member of the team is encouraged to be pro-active and use initiative whenever possible, and be always on the look-out for improvements – not only to the software systems but also in the processes followed to support them.

Queries and questions are always replied to promptly (never allowing more than half a working day without providing some sort of response), but are always well thought through, clear and as detailed as necessary. Often the answer to a question or problem will lead the team to make suggestions for better alternatives.

Software produced by the team is always well tested before it is released and where possible peer reviews are performed. Finally, knowledge is always shared amongst the team as much as possible.