1. Creativity
    1. We are not limited by what already exists. We know we can create.
  2. Self-leadership
    1. Is enthusiastic, energetic, tenacious & competitive
    2. We bring issues face-to-face as soon as they appear in order to avoid later conflicts. We encourage “working out loud”.
    3. When faced with two bad options we opt for the one that requires the most integrity for us.
    4. We otimize for both fun & impact. 
  3. Anti-fragile
    1. We push through until it is done.
    2. We become stronger when we’re losing or falling behind in order to turn the game around (CR7).
  4. Professional excellence
    1. In what we do we pursue excellence. We see beauty in solutions that surprise with over deliver. We are proud when we deliver on our promises.
  5. Care
    1. Small kind gestures towards each other.
    2. Offering a helping hand when in need.
    3. Act as a single unit.
  6. Self-improvement
    1. We seek to constantly improve ourselves in our field.
    2. In order to achieve our goals we ask for help to others. When people ask us we try to be responsive, to pay that debt of gratitude back.